Multichannel // Greater effectiveness and consistence through every sales channel

Your challenge

How to improve relations with each customer through the different sales channels, avoiding conflicts?

The points of contact with the customers are numerous: the sales force, agents, after-sales services, the website, mailings, stores, call centers, etc.

Different channels, each with its own particular features and costs, but that represent a single company in the mind of the customer. The risks of dissatisfaction are high if the channels are not coordinated and the experience is discontinuous.

To seize the opportunities and coordinate such complex elements, it is essential to have a very clear concept of how to approach each customer and what to offer them.

The answer

When you know in advance what each customer is interested in, you can make targeted offers that are always coherent and effective on every channel available.

By analyzing the shopping behavior of your customers you can predict which offers will be most interesting for each, and turn them into actions.

When you have identified a product that is interesting for a customer, for example, you can pre-announce promotions by e-mail, which willl then be reinforced by the sale person and when the customer will go to the website to place and order the same product will be right there on the home page.

A consistent approach on all the channels improves results as well as improving the level of service and the perception that the customer has of the company.

Some practical apps: