Web App - Great salesmen with minimum effort

With the Web app, all your sales people have access to a new world of opportunities that will enable them to anticipate your customer' needs and serve them better.

The Web app is the intelligent assistant we'd all like to have; it analyzes all the information available in the background and automatically identifies the most promising sales opportunities.

The app presents opportunities for cross selling and up selling for every customer in a simple way, explaining the reasons why that customer should buy those products or services.

The app includes a view with the opportunities for each product, a great marketing tool that will support marketing and product managers when making targeted promotions, advertising and actions.

A browser and an internet connection is all that is needed, selling will never be the same again.

Smartphone and Tablet apps - Sales opportunities at your fingertips

What could be better than knowing which products to offer your customers, just while you're waiting to see them?

The apps for Smartphones and Tablets provide all the opportunities of the web app while you're on the move.

The apps are optimized to be used with mobile devices, and can also work offline.

The apps can also be used exchange information within your organization, making them the ideal tool for communication between sales people and the main office.

The apps are the guardian angel who whispers the best opportunities to the sales people and let them reach the desired goals.

Mail and text messages - New potential for consolidated channels

Using e-mail and text messages you can disribute targeted opportunities rapidly, inside and outside your organization.

The main office can send the sales people new sales opportunities, or the sales people can request them, all with the greatest of ease, and receive them wherever they are, even on the move.

The marketing department can easily contact every client with targeted offers of products and services in line with their needs.

Everyone receives only the information they are interested in and in the right amount, to act immediately.

Call centre and customer support - Selling at every contact

Every interaction with the customer is an opportunity to try and sell something. Knowing what to offer increases customer service and the effectiveness of the channel.

With OAI apps you're able to tell your operators exactly what to offer each customer.

The app is useful both when it is the customer who contacts the company, and when you organize telemarketing campaigns with outbound call centers.

The same information can be delivered to customer support and service. Every interaction is an opportunity, it would be a shame not to take the best out of it.

CRM Integration - Sales opportunities inside your systems

Is your CRM the perfect channel for communication with your sales people?

You can include inside it the individual sales opportunities found by OAI tools.

All your sales people will have access to the opportunities every time they use the CRM, in the ways already established by your company.

The CRM becomes a proactive sales tool. In addition to collecting information and simplifying approval processes, it will suggest new ideas to serve your clients better and increase sales.

E-commerce - A sales person in your website

Why cuatomers have to navigate through huge catalogues to buy something?

With intelligent recommendations it is already possible to show them the products they are most likely to be interested, making the it easier for them to discover products they didn't even know existed.

Recommendations are customized based on the customer and the context. New products can be offered based on past purchases, what they are looking at and what is in their cart.

It works seamlessy for B2C and B2B e-commerce, bringing as much as a 30% sales increase.

Special Projects - Everything you have been looking for but haven't found yet

Thanks to our competencies and skills we can apply intelligent algorithms in new fields and new ways.

If you have an unsatisified need, whether it concerns Big Data or increasing the intelligence in certain processes, contact us, we are at your disposal to find the best solution.