OAI Data Scientists // Advanced competencies available for your business

Unique Competencies

A "Data Scientist" combines a number of competencies and skills (business, statistics, technology, visualization) and can achieve a deep understanding of data, find the undelying patterns and how they affect company performances. Optimist AI Data Scientists will help you know more about your company and the market, giving you totally new perspectives.

These professionals are extremely rare and are ready to put their skills to work for you: with Optimist AI you can start immediately to make better, more informed decisions and build your competitive advantage.

Focused consulting

Do you want to go beyond the apps already available?
Do you have unique needs?

Optimist AI offers you targeted, in-depth consulting that will help you find your way in an advanced technological context to keep pace with innovation and obtain concrete business results.

Optimist AI starts exclusively from business needs analysis, and facilitates the alignment between sales, marketing and IT.

Need analysys, planning and implementations: Optimist AI is your partner in every step, minimizing the risks and enabling you to sell more and make in short time better, more informed decisions.

Experts in cutting edge technologies

Release the potential of data, seize the opportunities offered by Big Data, identify the most significant information: results achiavable only when you are able to dominate the most innovative technologies.

Our research and development works continuously to provide the most effective algorithms. To be efficient in extracting insights out of big quantities of data we make the best possible use of modern open source technologies, like Apache Hadoop, innovative technologies already consolidated in leading companies.