IT Architecture // Practical innovation

Input data

The data used as an input are typically already available in the companies and come from systems such as ERP, Databases, CRM, Web Servers.

The ETL process is simple as loading a comma separated text file, obtained with a normal extraction from those systems. Optimist AI transforms your files in the format required by the algorithms.

In this way the impact on the IT organization is negligible and the apps can be deployed in a short time.

For specific requirements, a REST API is available for real time data loading and customized integrations can be set up as well.

Optimist AI Algorithms

The algorithms are available as a cloud service (SaaS - Software as a Service) and are customized for each customer to achieve the best results.

The systems work both in batch mode, with regular updates, and in real time mode. The technology, developed by Optimist AI, leverages the best of modern open source softwares like NoSQL Databases, In Memory Databases, Event-Driven Servers.

The systems are also able to leverage cluster computing using Hadoop and other advanced technologies, with full scalability to Big Data.

Distributed actions

Actions recommended by the algorithms can be distributed easily with Optimist AI apps

The apps are modular to better fulfill both current and future needs.

The actions are distributed within the organization (e.g. salesforce web app ) and can also be used directly at each customer interaction(e.g. mailing and text messages).

Recommended actions can also be integrated in other systems (e.g. CRM, eCommerce). A REST API is available or customized integrations are developed.