Company Profile // Optmist AI

About Us

Optimist AI is an innovative Italian company founded in 2010. We are expert Data Scientists delivering sales growth services. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of businesses and organizations, we build tools with high value, short deployment time and low impact on resources.

We provide new marketing and sales solutions, capable of understanding what to offer each customer, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales at the same time. You will get the most from your customers, obtain new cross-selling opportunities, you will be able to manage the different sales channels more effectively and make better decisions.

Machine learning, predictive analysis, collaborative filtering, algorithms of artificial intelligence; Optimist AI leverages advanced technologies in easy-to-use tools. Salesforce and mobile applications, Recommender systems for e-commerce, tools to support your strategy definition and planning: we help you in always making the best decision.

Our founder: Alessandro Vitale

Alessandro Vitale is the CEO and founder of Optimist AI.

He is a management engineer with an MBA from the MIP Politecnico di Milano and a passion for new technologies. He started his career as a consultant in strategic projects in Fashion and Internet industries. He subsequently joined Siemens, where he held positions of increasing importance as Head of Strategic Planning for Italy and Business Development Mager for Southwest Europe Industry Sector.

His spirit of innovation, combined with strategic experience acquired in large and small Italian and international companies, led him to build his vision: new intelligent apps for every company.